Wood Trim Repair and Replacement Company RaleighFor more than 20 years, the professionals at Osborne Painting have provided complete interior and exterior home improvement services to commercial and residential clients in Central North Carolina. Some of our NC home improvement service offerings include, but are not limited to: interior painting, pressure washing, wallpaper removal, exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, window glazing, and popcorn ceiling removal. We know that maintenance and repairs are unavoidable aspects of owning a home. Upgrades and remodels can not only enhance your property overall but increase its value as well. By keeping your home in great and presentable condition, you’re likely able to increase the chance of fetching top-dollar for your home if you ever decide to sell it. 

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What Causes Wood To Rot?

Every type of wood is different. Some types of wood are denser than others, and some are less durable when it comes to harsh weather conditions. Wood rot is caused by fungi that deteriorates wood without an evident source of moisture. Decayed wood becomes darker and begins to have a ‘crumbled’ appearance to it over time. Dry rotting is also referred to as timber decay and true dry rot. Poria incrassata and Serpula Incrassata are the two primary types of fungi the cause wood to rot in North America. 

Can Dry Rot Spread? 

Yes, dry rotted wood can spread. Under certain conditions, wood rot has been known to be contagious. By identifying which type of fungus is causing your wood to rot, you’ll be able to develop a defense to stop the wood rot. Keep in mind, warm and humid weather conditions are required for wood rot to proliferate. A the same token it is possible for wood rot to flourish and spread in cold, not-so-ideal weather conditions.  

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The experienced professionals at Osborne Painting operate out of Youngsville, NC and proudly provide exterior and interior restoration services in locations all over Central North Carolina, including Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, and the surrounding areas.

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