From the framing around your doors and windows that gives your home a finished look to crown molding that creates a sophisticated and elevated appearance, interior trim is versatile and attractive. While repairs, upgrades, and updates can enhance your property, we know how hard it is to find the time and have the skill to perform wood trim repairs, painting, and installation tasks around your home. 
As a full home interior contractor, the professionals at Osborne Painting are a trusted provider of professional cabinet repair, wood refinishing, and crown molding installation in Raleigh. We believe in providing quality workmanship and highest level of customer service that we call “The Osborne Difference.” Reach out to us today for wood trim painting, repair, refinishing, and trim installation! 

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Our Wood Restoration and Wood Trim Repair Services in Raleigh

We offer a wide variety of refinishing and repair services for your interior wood, and with our experience and attention to detail, you can feel confident any trim, cabinetry, or molding is restored to its original beauty! Following our repairs, we can paint, stain, or refinish the wood to your specifications. 

Cabinet Repair

If you have older wooden cabinets that have seen better days – maybe the doors are warped or there are broken pieces – you don’t have to toss them out and start over! Our cabinet repair services allow you to keep your existing cabinets and fix them to new condition. Repair, combined with our cabinet refinishing services means you can get the kitchen of your dreams at a fraction of the time and cost of new cabinets!

Wood Trim Repairs

If you have wood trim in your home – such as a chair rail, door trim, or a stair banister – that has been damaged, we can make it look like new! Whether it’s been chewed by a dog, banged by a chair, or simply broken or worn over time, we have experienced professionals with the carpentry skills needed to fix damaged interior trim. 

Wood Restoration 

If your wood furniture, fixtures, or decor elements in your home seem a bit worse for wear, don’t replace them just yet. From rehydrating dried, brittle pieces to removing old varnish or paint, we can restore it to a beautiful condition that reflects the quality of the piece.

Our Interior Trim and Crown Molding Installation in Raleigh

Crown molding, chair rails, and decorative trim can elevate and accentuate a boring room and give it a sophisticated, luxurious look. While it may look simple to install, this is a task better left to professionals to ensure crisp angles and near seamless joining. 

Osborne Painting can install almost any kind of trim or crown molding to your Raleigh home, including wood, plaster,  and composite. Not only do we install trim in the “standard” locations – around the ceiling, baseboards, windows, and doors, we will happily install it anywhere you want to add a bit of flair! In fact, more people are using crown molding to improve the look of their cabinetry, bathroom mirrors, headboards, and to frame in wall-mounted television niches. After we install your trim, our interior painting team can give it that perfect finished look!

Why Choose Osborne Painting for Wood Trim Repair and Installation

With over 20 years of professional experience, the team at Osborne Painting can tackle almost any project you need done, and we do it with care and precision. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship and for providing unbeatable customer service, and the job isn’t done until you’re satisfied! 


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Crown Molding Installation and Repair FAQ’s

Do you install crown molding? 

 Yes, we do. We also make modifications to crown molding that are most fitting for your home’s aesthetic. Initially designed to cover gaps where different materials came together, crown moldings have also become an elegant addition to the interior homes. Often times, they even have the ability to make a room feel larger and more welcoming. Crown moldings can be made of plaster, composite, and wood. Composites are the most popular material of crown moldings, as they’re lightweight, easy to install, and flexible. There are numerous styles of crown molding available for purchase, though the most popular styles include classic colonial, French chateau, and Greek revival. 

How much do crown moldings cost? 

It is hard to estimate how much crown moldings costs, as there are dozens of materials and styles to choose from. Installation varies according to the size of the room and the specifics of each project.

What rooms should have crown moldings?

Any rooms that you feel could use a little more flair could benefit from crown moldings! In our experience, kitchen cabinets, bathroom mirrors, bedroom headboards, around computer or TV areas, and even around shelving have been popular choices for crown molding renovation and installation. 

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