Osborne Painting provides professional interior house painting services for your Raleigh and Wake Forest area home. Beautify your home’s walls, doors and more with a fresh coat of paint applied by our experts. Our Raleigh interior painting experts can paint a single room or the entire inside portion of your house with a careful hand and an attention to detail that will leave you completely satisfied with the work when it’s completed.

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Interior Painting Process

First, we’ll safely move the furniture to a secure area to prevent damage. Then, we’ll secure all the work areas with drop cloths. We will then prepare the surfaces for painting by spackling, caulking and more. In order to ensure proper adhesion and a smooth, beautiful finish, we sand all surfaces — and when we’re done, we’ll replace the furniture and thoroughly vacuum.

Also, as a full-service home interior contractor, Osborne Painting can repair and replace damaged drywall and provide additional carpentry services before the painting process begins.

Interior House Painting Benefits

We are meticulous in our approach to interior restoration because, at Osborne Painting, we truly care about maintaining high standards of workmanship so our clients can enjoy the many benefits of a newly-painted interior. A few of those benefits include: 

  • The Ability to Protect Your Interior Walls- It is recommended that you keep moisture and harmful carcinogens from seeping into your walls. Why? Because nobody likes mold and mildew buildup! Also, if you live in an older home with plaster walls, paint can actually aid in dust prevention when it comes to plaster deterioration.
  • High R.O.I. – Painting the walls inside your home is one of the most dramatic-yet-cost-effective renovations you can make. A fresh coat of paint is affordable and provides a high return on your investment, especially if you are considering selling your house in the near future.
  • Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic- Painting your walls a different color can actually make your home a more open and breathable feel if painting a lighter color, and, on the contrary, can make your home feel snug and cozier if you opt for darker shades of paint. 

Interior Painting Techniques

The trained team at Osborne Painting use the highest quality interior painting techniques to provide our customers with the best possible results.  We understand what it takes to provide a clean and equally spread paint job.  With the proper safety precautions such tarps, paint tape, and other tools we are able to keep the rest of your home paint free.  Along with our safety tools we also come equipped with extended range painting tools such as full range rollers and home safe ladders so we can paint even the hardest to reach spots in your home.

Experience Painting A Variety of Different Interior Surfaces

Not all buildings are built the same way, which means some buildings will be crafted with different materials on the interior such as drywall, brick, cinder block, shiplap, or other materials.  Our trained team has experience working around as well as painting a wide variety of different surfaces.  We believe that we are able to help provide all Raleigh based homes with high quality interior painting no matter what their interior is made out of.

Painting Interior Brick

When painting interior brick it is important to prepare the brick prior to painting it.  Our team will analyze the health of your interior brick and develop the best action plan for painting it.  Depending the condition of the brick as well as the type of brick used, our team will use a variety of different tools to make sure the brick surface is completely painted.

Painting Interior Cinder Block Walls

Cinder block walls are commonly used for industrial building as well as schools but there are a wide variety of different building who utilize the material.  Adding some color to cinder block walls can drastically change the look and feel of the entire room.  Our team has experience working with cinder block walls to provide a brand new look to any building.

Painting Interior Stairs

Painting your interior staircase can help make them look newer and more modern.  Many families are switching from carpeted staircases in their home to all wood flooring which gives them the option to add some color to the stairs.  By painting the interior walls as well as painting interior stairs you can update the look of your home to look much newer.

Painting Interior Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring is used in a variety of different instances throughout commercial businesses as well as consumer homes.  By adding some paint to your concrete flooring you can help add a layer of protection to it as well as drastically change the look of the floor.  

Interior Services Portfolio

We recommend that you take a look at a few of the projects we have worked on in the past!

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Interior Painting FAQ’s

What Painting Tools Are Used For Interior Painting?

Our interior painting professionals use the latest tools and equipment to provide your home with a great looking paint job.  It our responsibility to provide our clients with an even paint job but to also provide them with peace of mind that their home is in good hands.  If safety featured such as paint catching tarps or soft touch ladders aren’t used then it is possible to splash paint where it isn’t expected.  Our team will make sure that paint only touches the areas it is supposed to while keeping the rest of your home safe and clean.

Does Interior Paint Get Darker As It Dries?

Depending on the style of interior paint used as well as the color of the paint it is possible for paint to get darker as it dries.  Interior paint such as paints with a chalky finish are known to absorb light at it dries which makes the appearance slightly lighter.  While paints with a gloss finish can reflect the light as it dries instead of absorbing the light which will make the paint appear darker.  It is recommend to ask our interior painting professionals the questions you may have about the interior painting process.

How Are Interior Painting Jobs Priced?

The price of different interior painting jobs will vary depending on the materials used, the size of the painting surface, and the man hours required to complete to project.  If you are looking to have an estimate to paint a room in your home or a large section of your home then contact us to speak with our painting professionals.

How Long Does It Take Professionals To Paint A Room?

It can be difficult to estimate the time it will take to paint an entire room as each room is different.  We will often take a look at the size of the room, the size of crew we need, as well as any preparation work required for the job before we give time estimates.  A small 10′ x 10′ bedroom will take much less time to paint compared to an entire open living room.  We specialize in preparing the room for the paint in order to provide a great looking paint job but also to protect the furniture and rest of the home from damage or paint splatter.

Can I Just Paint Over Old Paint?

It is possible to paint over an old coat of paint with a new color but this can also lead to trouble down the road.  Depending on the type of original paint as well as its color can make it difficult to repaint over.  We recommend reaching out to our team who can make recommendations on what the best course of action will be as well as why we recommend you let professionals handle the job.  It is easy to make mistakes when painting over old paint which is why it is important to have a professional complete the job.  It can be beneficial to use a coat of primer before adding the new paint as this will help block out the original paint and leave a good backing for the new paint to stick.

How Often Should You Repaint Your Home’s Interior?

It is important to keep a good eye on the health of your home’s interior painting.  Depending on the the type of paint used as well as the how well the project was handled will impact how often you must repaint your home.  It is recommended to reach out to our painting professionals in order to inspect the health of your interior painting.  It is recommended to repaint your interior every 5 – 7 years.

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