Osborne Painting provides professional interior house painting services for your Raleigh and Wake Forest area home. Beautify your home’s walls, doors and more with a fresh coat of paint applied by our experts. Our Raleigh interior painting experts can paint a single room or the entire inside portion of your house with a careful hand and an attention to detail that will leave you completely satisfied with the work when it’s completed.

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Interior Painting Process

First, we’ll safely move the furniture to a secure area to prevent damage. Then, we’ll secure all the work areas with drop cloths. We will then prepare the surfaces for painting by spackling, caulking and more. In order to ensure proper adhesion and a smooth, beautiful finish, we sand all surfaces — and when we’re done, we’ll replace the furniture and thoroughly vacuum.

Also, as a full-service home interior contractor, Osborne Painting can repair and replace damaged drywall and provide additional carpentry services before the painting process begins.

Interior House Painting Benefits

We are meticulous in our approach to interior restoration because, at Osborne Painting, we truly care about maintaining high standards of workmanship so our clients can enjoy the many benefits of a newly-painted interior. A few of those benefits include: 

  • The Ability to Protect Your Interior Walls- It is recommended that you keep moisture and harmful carcinogens from seeping into your walls. Why? Because nobody likes mold and mildew buildup! Also, if you live in an older home with plaster walls, paint can actually aid in dust prevention when it comes to plaster deterioration.
  • High R.O.I. – Painting the walls inside your home is one of the most dramatic-yet-cost-effective renovations you can make. A fresh coat of paint is affordable and provides a high return on your investment, especially if you are considering selling your house in the near future.
  • Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic- Painting your walls a different color can actually make your home a more open and breathable feel if painting a lighter color, and, on the contrary, can make your home feel snug and cozier if you opt for darker shades of paint. 

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