During the exercise of our Raleigh exterior painting services, Osborne Painting’s expert painting contractors often run into rotten or damaged wood, making moving forward with the project unfeasible. While many painting companies will either ignore the damage or merely inform the owner of said damage, we at Osborne pride ourselves on our wood rot repair services in Raleigh.

Whether your home has experienced cold and snowy weather, sunshine, or an extensive rain season, weather can extensively damage your home’s exterior wood. While small patches of wood can sometimes be cleaned out like a cavity then filled and painted, other wood rotting scenarios will leave you no choice but to replace entire sections.  

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Raleigh Wood Repair Services

best raleigh exterior painting In such a damp environment, wood rot is endemic to this area. Disseminating itself in a plethora of ways, rotted wood is one of the worst home repairs to overlook. Deciding not to address rotting wood early on will likely result in a manifestation of structural issues that get serious, quickly. To be frank, putting off wood rot repair due to high costs will almost always result in much more extensive repairs later.

With this in mind, it is almost always advisable to address your wood rot repair issues when they’re discovered, before those structural problems occur.

Our Raleigh wood rot repair experts in begin by thoroughly inspecting the entire house for damages. If we find anything during our inspection, we will deliver a report to the owner letting them know our recommendations and how much extra the carpentry repair would be. Once this has been approved, the wood repair will be rolled into our exterior painting project schedule, and you won’t have to worry about it anymore!

Exterior Wood Rot Repair Services

  • Siding (water absorption, delamination)

Whether your home has vinyl or aluminum siding, chances are the home is still supported by wood framing, trim, and plywood. The experts Osborne Painting will extensively observe these wooden materials in order to understand the shape they’re in along with predicted issues that may arise. Any kind of growth such as fungus, mold, or mildew on a home’s siding, especially near any seam areas, may be a sign of water penetration. If the layer under a home’s siding has started to rot or become weak, that is an indication the home’s siding is due for replacement as soon as possible. 

  • Windows (windowsills, stops, brickmolds)

Typically lingering on windowsills and around windows for extended amounts of time, rotted wood is commonly found in these areas. As time goes on, water accumulates on or around the windowsill and wears away the existing paint. The existing paint wearing away enables water to seep into the wood and lead to a rot. 

  • Doors (brickmolds casings, jambs, decorative surrounds, pilasters)

Nearly all exterior doors contain wood, which, as you may be able to guess, makes them susceptible to water damage and vulnerable to other elements. We will pay special attention to the lower sections of the door, as they’re prime areas for fungi and other unwelcomed forms of growth. 

  • Trim (corner boards, fascia, soffit)

Wood trim is everywhere, it’s that simple. Let us check your wood trim out to determine areas that can likely become an issue or setback. 

  • Decks and add-ons

Like exterior doors, decks typically contain a lot of wood that is exposed to ice, rain, sun, snow, and anything in between. If you’re wondering what to do when your deck begins deteriorating, Osborne Painting offers extensive deck inspection, assessing the make up the deck and deck stairs from above and below and the health of the ledger board.

  • Garage Door Frames
  • Railings
  • Patios
  • Fascia
  • Soffit

Depending on the type of repair required, cosmetic wood rot is an affordable repair service. After we have made our repairs, our team will then provide expert priming and caulking services if needed. 

Rotten wood window sill replacement cost

Trying to determine home repair costs is difficult and often impossible, as every project is different. during our experience, we have seen projects that looked straight-forward and simple when we began, but, as time went on, we discovered the high likelihood of running into hidden damage. By having an expert, in-person inspections regularly scheduled, you can likely uncover issues before they get too bad. So, how much does it cost to replace wood rot? It varies from project-to-project. Feel free to contact our team to your wood rot-related questions answered by the experts at Osborne Painting.

Raleigh Exterior Painters and Wood Rot Repair Experts

Raleigh Painting ContractorsIf your Raleigh home needs wood repair or carpentry as part of a larger exterior painting project, our exterior painting and carpentry experts are here to help. We do a thorough pre-painting inspection, and we will let you know if we discover any damage before we start painting.

There’s no need t hassle with multiple contractors, Osborne Painting can do it all! If you’ve been dreaming about restoring your house, fence, trim, or interior rooms, call our team of licensed wood rot repair and paint specialists at 919-878-6611 or fill out a form for your free consultation.

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