Over time, dirt, mildew, and grime build up on your home’s exterior, wooden fencing, and deck. If you’re looking to get the exterior of your home painted, pressure washing is the first step.

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Home Power Wash

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At Osborne Painting, we always power wash your home or deck before painting or refinishing.

Even if the outside of your home looks clean, there is likely a layer of grime you can’t see. Before painting or refinishing, it is important to ensure all exterior areas are thoroughly cleaned to remove debris and grime. Applying paint to a clean surface helps the paint and stain adhere better and ensures it will last much longer, sometimes up to twice as long! Pressure washing before painting also helps us remove flaking paint so we have a nice, even surface to work with.

After power washing, it is important to let your home or deck dry before painting. For your home, this is typically a few days. For your wooden deck, it will be longer since wood dries more slowly than other materials.

Fence Power Wash

Powering washing your fence can help to remove years of grim, dirt, and paint. Stripping the fence down to it’s original base can renew the clean, new look that you remember when you first had it installed. We pressure wash fences before we paint or stain your fence so that we are starting on a new canvas.

Pressure Wash Wood Fence

Wood fences tend to collect a lot of dirt that darkens their color over time. Rain, mud, snow, and ice can all affect the original color of the fence and alter their look. When we pressure wash wood fences, we remove all weathering, helping to restore the fence to it’s new look.

Painted Fences Pressure Washing

Pressure washing painted fences are typically done for two reasons. The first is to remove built up gunk, algae, and dirt from the fence to renew the original painted fence.

The second is to remove the layer of paint on the fence to expose the wood base underneath. This is often done before a repaint of the fence so that you do not build up layers of paint on your fence.

Pressure Wash Plastic Fences

Plastic fences often get pressure washed if they have been around for a while. Fences can build up layers of dirt or algae that typically can’t be cleaned with at-home cleaning supplies. A pressure wash can restore the original color of the plastic fence and look like new!

Deck Power Wash

Power washing a deck is a common way to restore the look of the deck when it was first installed. Using pressured water, we can remove years of dirt, grime, gunk, and algae that have built up on the deck. This is the initial step that we take before we restore a deck and stain the deck with a new color.

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