Painting Tips

How Much Does it Cost to Paint My Raleigh Home?

Wood Trim Repair and Replacement Company Raleigh

Osborne Painting wants to help you understand the factors associated with painting your Raleigh area home. From the prep work including power washing, caulking, scraping, fixing rotten wood, fixing cracks to how much paint will need to be applied for the desired outcome. Contact Osborne Painting for a free quote.

How to Clean and Maintain Painted Cabinets

how to clean painted cabinets safely

Kitchens are one of the most highly used spaces in the interior of your home. Because of this, food spills and other messes are prone to occur on a daily basis. This affects the appearance and cleanliness of your kitchen, especially your cabinets, which make up a large portion of most kitchens. Grease, food residue […]

Beginners Guide to Choosing Paint Finishes

beginner guide paint finishes

When starting an exterior or interior painting project, color isn’t the only factor you should consider. The kind of paint finish you choose for your home can really affect the appearance of your space. Choosing the right kind of finish for your paint can help extend the lifetime of a paint job in your home. […]

2018 Guide to Home Exterior Paint Colors

2018 home exterior paint colors

Kick off 2018 with a fresh coat of paint for your home’s exterior! If it’s been over seven years since your home was painted, or if you plan to sell your home in 2018, contact the experts at Osbourne Painting for the very best in Raleigh exterior painting. Choosing an Exterior Paint Color Once you […]

How Humid Is Too Humid for Exterior Painting in Raleigh?

Exterior Painting and Humidity

As any native Raleigh resident can tell you, it gets rather humid here, especially in the summer! While you might be able to deal with feeling as though you’re swimming while walking around town, the same cannot be said of your Raleigh exterior painting project. Painting in high-humidity environments is a tricky process, and your […]

How Often Should You Get Exterior Painting in Raleigh

Getting Raleigh exterior painting your home can be a large time commitment and is not something that you often think about. Ignoring your exterior painting quality, however, can be one of the most expensive oversights you can make in regard to your home’s exterior appearance. Our expert exterior painting contractors at Osborne Painting in Raleigh, […]