How Much Does it Cost to Paint My Raleigh Home?

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Osborne Painting wants to help you understand the factors associated with painting your Raleigh area home. From the prep work including power washing, caulking, scraping, fixing rotten wood, fixing cracks to how much paint will need to be applied for the desired outcome. Contact Osborne Painting for a free quote.

Common Myths About Raleigh Exterior Painting in the Summer

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At Osborne Painting, we understand that people have numerous questions and concerns about starting an exterior painting project during the warmer summer months. We have previously addressed exterior painting when it is humid outside, but sometimes the weather in Raleigh is just oppressively hot. While the temperature delivers its own suite of unique problems, they […]

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How Humid Is Too Humid for Exterior Painting in Raleigh?

Exterior Painting and Humidity

As any native Raleigh resident can tell you, it gets rather humid here, especially in the summer! While you might be able to deal with feeling as though you’re swimming while walking around town, the same cannot be said of your Raleigh exterior painting project. Painting in high-humidity environments is a tricky process, and your […]

How to choose the correct color for your Raleigh home exterior painting

When you are getting a Raleigh exterior painting job started, one of the first questions to ask yourself is whether you want to stick with the old colors on your home or if you would like to update your exterior with a new look. If you want to stick with the colors currently on your […]

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Don’t (Let the Paint) Crack Under Pressure

If you see cracked or peeling paint, fading or oxidation, you have waited too long for an exterior paint job on your Raleigh, NC home. Cracked, faded or peeling paint can be prevented on your home’s exterior by painting the outside on average every five to seven years. In addition to increasing your home’s curb […]

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