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Top 5 Exterior Siding Options For Your Raleigh Home

Raleigh Exterior Painter

Because siding covers most of your home’s exterior, there’s a good chance you want to make the best and most fitting choice. When you first see a home, you’ll likely notice the yard (if there is one) and the exterior. Osborne Painting’s team has worked closely together for many years, consistently ensuring The Osborne Difference is […]

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Raleigh Deck Staining and Refinishing FAQs

Fence Painting Contractor Raleigh

Raleigh Deck Staining and Refinishing FAQs At Osborne Painting, we understand the importance of a well-maintained and presentable deck.  As industry experts, we’ve been serving Raleigh and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our well-versed and dedicated professionals can efficiently and effectively pressure wash, clean, paint, stain, and seal your deck back how it is […]

How Do I Know It’s Time to Change Out My Gutters?

Gutter Replacement Company Raleigh

Osborne Painting is a full-service contractor, meaning we would love to handle your Raleigh gutter repair project! As a critical and important part of your beloved home, rain gutters stop rainwater from congregating and building up around your home’s foundation. By ensuring your home’s gutters are constantly in properly-working order, you can likely avoid compromising […]

How to Tell if Your Exterior Painter is Cutting Corners

Raleigh exterior painting project

Painting the exterior of your home is likely a lengthy project. There are several steps to properly prepare your home’s exterior to be painted such as properly washing your home’s interior, removing the old, already-existing paint, applying caulk to any cracked seems or between clapboards, repairing any areas of the home that may be rotted […]

Steps to Prepare Your Home For Exterior Paint

1. Properly Wash the Home’s Exterior Before you begin painting your home, it’s imperative to properly inspect the cleanliness and condition of the exterior. If poorly inspected, you run the risk of running into potential setbacks, the main one being the need to repaint entire sections of the home a second (or even third) time […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Paint My Raleigh Home?

Wood Trim Repair and Replacement Company Raleigh

Experienced Raleigh painters know how many different factors come into play when painting a house. Osborne Painting’s team has worked closely together for many years, consistently ensuring The Osborne Difference is apparent in every customer relationship. Throughout that time, the team has experienced dozens of on-the-job scenarios and has a solid understanding how many factors can go […]

How to Clean and Maintain Painted Cabinets

how to clean painted cabinets safely

Kitchens are one of the most highly used spaces in the interior of your home. Because of this, food spills and other messes are prone to occur on a daily basis. This affects the appearance and cleanliness of your kitchen, especially your cabinets, which make up a large portion of most kitchens. Grease, food residue […]