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In November 2011, Tony Osborne and his crew painted the interior of my house.  Tony came to my home to estimate the job and he explained exactly how the work would be done.  They covered furniture and floors, attended to every detail, and cleaned up, leaving beautiful walls and no […]
- Augusta Johnson
Interior Painting
We give our highest recommendation to Tony Osborne and his crew. They are careful, thorough painting professionals. We appreciated Tony's willingness to take the time to do the job right, rather than rushing through and painting over potential structural problems. We would definitely hire them again.
- Gwen and Andy Whiteman
Thank you very much for the beautiful cabinets!!
- The Machlachlans
Interior Painting
I would highly recommend Osborne Painting. They arrived on time, were great workers and we had no complaints whatsoever. We have been in our home 24 years and they did a great job replacing rotted siding on our dormer windows as well as some areas of the house that needed […]
- Kathy Graves
Exterior Painting
I've had Tony and his crew do both interior and exterior work. They do a fabulous job! They're on time, neat, and don't take shortcuts. Painting is really just the final step....for it to be a good job that lasts, it's the prep work that counts, and Tony has all […]
- Dave Landers
Interior and Exterior Painting


Top 5 Exterior Siding Options For Your Raleigh Home

Top 5 Exterior Siding Options For Your Raleigh Home

Because siding covers most of your home’s exterior, there’s a good chance you want to make the best and most fitting choice. When you first see a home, you’ll likely notice the yard (if there is one) and the exterior. Osborne Painting’s team has worked closely together for many years, consistently ensuring The Osborne Difference is […] [read more]
Popular Interior Color Trends of 2019

Popular Interior Color Trends of 2019

With each new year comes new interior color trends, and with 2019 comes new and exciting trends you don’t want to miss out on. So, if you’re looking to switch up your home’s interior paint color this year, here are some colors you should certainly consider, as well as some colors you should probably get […] [read more]
How to Choose an Interior Paint Finish for Your Raleigh Home

How to Choose an Interior Paint Finish for Your Raleigh Home

With the right selection of interior paint, your home can undergo a dramatic upgrade. The perfect combination of warm or striking colors can brighten up your room, prompt an energetic, happy mood, make your room appear bigger, and so much more. That’s why it’s important to consider all of your options and determine the best […] [read more]